We employ a systematic approach to developing the key elements of strategy.

Where will we play? How will we win?

Strategy establishes the direction of an organization over time. We need strategy to effectively articulate our unique value, and to determine how investments and resources need to be directed and leveraged to create sustainable competitive advantage.

To establish a sound strategy, an organization must – among other things – develop a comprehensive understanding of the factors that affect it both internally and externally. Only then can it identify its true advantages and use them to be successful.

Like most things that are truly important, this is not an easy process, and as a result most organizations either avoid it completely or fail to do it effectively. SG Consulting helps you and your business unbundle the complexities on the path to developing an effective and executable strategy.

Mission & Vision

Why was your company founded?

What distinguishes your company?

What does your company strive to achieve?

How will you measure your company’s success?

How do you want to impact people’s lives?

If the answers to these questions are not clear to everyone in your organization, you have a problem.

Let’s talk about how to develop a winning Mission and Vision for your organization. It will be the most important thing you will ever do.

The Secret to Your Success

You must know with certainty – not guess at – those few things that will drive your organization’s success across everything it does.

  • Do you know what REALLY matters to your customers?
  • And how good is your organization at those things ?
  • How do you stack up vs. your competitors  where it matters most?

To be successful, companies have to be great at something their customers care about. Sounds obvious, and it is. Yet many organizations apply vast resources to becoming great at things that don’t really matter. Other companies know what is important but have a distorted view of how their company truly performs in these critical areas, especially vs. the competition. The stakes here are very high. Know what your customers care about, and make sure you are truly great at them.